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    "Greg is the definition of a professional therapist. He is the 1st therapist I've had repeat appointments with! He takes the time to ask if you have any areas you would like him to work on, he dresses the table professionally, sets the mood of the room comfortably and is attentive to regulating the pressure of the massage. He seems to be able to read what the client likes and remembers session to session. If there is something you don't like as much, he is easy to communicate with and welcomes the input. After the 1st session, I knew I finally found a therapist I would go back to without a doubt. He is accomodating, attentive, open to discussion and not afraid to try new techniques if you are receptive. He gathers feedback as you go so he can tailor your next session accordingly." 

   - Jennifer Anglin, 2011



     "I just wanted to comment on Greg Heasley. I know his wife Kellie and she suggested I go see him for a massage. She knew I was not feeling well, was really stiff and tense and having trouble walking. I had had a really bad experience with massage before so was a little hesitant but I decided to give it a try.

     Greg introduced himself and sat and talked to me asking what I wanted and expected from the massage. I explained my bad experience and what areas I was having the most trouble with. Greg actually LISTENED to me! That was almost 3 months ago and I am now hooked. I go every other week and would go every week if I could! In 3 months time, I can now move my arms back over my head, move my legs straight up and almost to my shoulders and I am not having as much trouble walking as I was. I also sit at a computer all day so I was having trouble with my wrists and hands being stiff. Not any longer! I feel like a new person.

     Greg has given me some stretching exercises that I can do at home in between massages that have helped as well. I started out with a very light touch because I just couldn't handle much pressure and now Greg is doing deep tissue massage with harder pressure to stretch the muscles even deeper. He has made me aware of potential problems and my posture so I can relax again My charlie horses have all but disappeared and they no longer wake me in the middle of the night.

     This is a decision I made for myself to help make myself feel better and I STRONGLY recommend it! Greg is a marvel and you will definitely be in good hands...come pamper yourself with a massage!"

   - Sara Slayden, 2015

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